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Our objective

SE&M is inspired by the desire to create three things:

  • Lasting Conservation Projects
  • Elegant Mitigation Solutions for Complex Mitigation Requirements
  • Maximized Value of Ecological and Financial Investments

SE&M is committed to the development of Lasting Conservation Projects, which all share the same essential elements;

  - being properly sited to maximize resource value;
  - having management plans, goals and objectives rooted in the science of conservation biology;
  - establishing legal protection so that values can be ensured; and

  - having the financial security to guarantee that stewardship can persist into the future.

This commitment is grounded in the development of conservation projects that fulfill the promise made to the species, habitats and resources for which the conservation projects are being developed.    

SE&M understands the complexity of taking a development project through the permitting and regulatory process.  This process often results in mitigation requirements that are also complex.  SE&M is excited by the opportunity to tackle this complexity and has the experience, creativity and relationships to develop Elegant Mitigation Solutions for Complex Mitigation Requirements.  Whether it is the use of existing mitigation or conservation banks, teaming with non-profits to leverage the biological value of their existing assets or the development of novel solutions, SE&M is ready to work collaboratively with your permitting and regulatory agency team to help you find the Lasting Conservation Project that fulfills your development projects goals and objectives.

SE&M believes strongly that there are a limited number of conservation dollars available and that it is necessary to Maximize the Value of Ecological and Financial Investments.  It is critical that the investments in the protection of species, wetlands, agriculture and other ecosystem and natural resource values provide the maximum ecological and capital return on that investment.  SE&M helps our clients maximize the returns on their investments by providing advanced strategic mitigation planning so that projects are delivered on-time and on-budget, by having the creativity to develop Elegant Mitigation Solutions for Complex Mitigation Requirements, by having honest and collaborative working relationships with our project development, permitting and agency partners, and by maintaining our dedication to the development of Lasting Conservation Projects.